Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Magnificent Seven (5) ride.....again!

product name fail - detergent laundry powder
Relocated Wednesday park today, this time at Bens' bumpy paths. Perhaps we could make Wednesday park a mobile event for a while and visit new and interesting parks, seek out new life.....these are the voyages of the Starship Puddler.....
crocodile of off-road bicyclistsWe met the JoniBobs at Bens' place. After some bed-dancing we struck out across the steppes of Hampshire, the Puddlemummies still carrying cups of tea. Rapidly we split up into the slow group (Bobert and the tea-carriers) and the fast group (3 boys and a Bud) and we raced down towards the sea. As soon as we got there that was it for the bike ride as we got off and walked out across the same muddy, smelly, gooey tidal flats I disgraced myself in a mere 2 days ago.
out on the tidal mudflats
silhouetted soldiers on the skylineWhen the slow group caught up we rode away again until Johnny hit a disguised pebble and capsized noisily. This was the cue for us all to get off again and investigate more of the coastline. We clambered over the giant rocks, threw rocks into the glutinous mud and collected rocks to put down a rock-hole between some rocks and the really big rock. It was a rocky escapade all round.
styx and stones, bone breaking rock quartet
Styx and Stones. Bone-breaking Rock quartet

We were doing really well until one of the Puddlers said we were doing really well (commentators' curse) and then it went boobs up in seconds. While I was happy to share in the JBs' breadstick bounty, the sight of them sharing the only packet of Jaffa cakes with me was too much and I swore at everyone in the only way I knew how "I hate you all, goodbye, stupid" and ran off to hide in a bush. Ben blubbed as well for some reason which was 4/4 of us howling at some point, nice to have a full house.
Then I got distracted by the desire for blackberries, all was forgotten and we made our escape over the hills and far away. Jof has told me I'm not going to football tomorrow if I can't get on with my friends.

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