Monday, 1 August 2011

Come for the sandpit. Stay for the dinosaur fights

shop sign, open 9 days a weekTasks for the day: sleep as long as I want, buy 2 bath sponges in unusual shapes and go to the opticians. I'm sure I don't need glasses but the eye test is free so why not. In the sunny afternoon Jof took me down to the sandpit adventure park as there was some free time before the opticians, lucky we'd bought so many beach toys. I required new clothes after the sandpit, as always. I also got every question right at the eye test apart from 1 where there was a blob on the screen so the r looked like an f but they told me I don't have to wear glasses. Sadly Jof missed getting a picture of me wearing the ludicrous huge metal glasses where they slot things in, Bud will get it next year.
obedient boy standing to attention in naval shirt
girl holding bottle of beer, badger ales 

Today news reaches me that Follower Martin and his lovely lady Zoe have just got a cat instead of a baby, in a blatant deferment/procrastination decision. You cannot escape. You'll be back. Look at how cute we are. With minimal training, we can even perform simple household tasks.


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