Friday, 19 August 2011

Homeward bound

At last the sun came out. We harvested spinach and apples and flower seeds. Then I finished reading Dumbo to Grandad, who promised to send me to an expensive school if I'm good.
Played golf in the garden.
exercise machines in park
cerne abbas giant cut into the hillside On the way back we stopped off in Cerne Abbas to see a giant. He seemed a jolly chap waving his big stick, and he certainly likes playing in the noody room with his big sticky-up willy. Then the promised trip to the very decent park (that Ben uses) at the top of Dorchester for a play and a poo, and a timely return to the shop in the castle museum where we got a copper spitfire, more ammunition and a large bag of war vehicles and soldiers. I may now have a big enough army to challenge Johnny.
On the motorway on the way home we slowly passed Silly Scott (the magician from LittleMax's party last week) in his red van. He must have been very surprised to see my little face hooting and gurning at him, at least he pulled a face and waved back.

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