Sunday, 14 August 2011

Scotty's Magic wonder show

balloon animal at children's birthday party
Max W had his 5th birthday party today in the hall in the park. It's 175 yards away but we were still late. Silly Scott did the magic show and we all had MacD happy meals. I got a party bag and a balloon turtle and stroked the real rabbit and danced around a lot with my schoolfriends. Max W is off to Butlins tomorrow so I wonder what apartment he'll end up in.
watching the magic show at children's birthday party
Then, while we were in the back garden, a small child my age called Finn from #30 climbed up the trellis in his house, through the little gap between the 4 adjoining properties and got stuck above our compost heap. He couldn't climb back so had to be rescued and piggy-backed back round to his place as he wasn't wearing any shoes. His parents were most surprised that he came back in the front door. After that there was a frantic bit of gardening both sides of the great divide with a trellis being dismantled their side and all the invasive virginia creeper and ivy going from our side. I trundled up and down the garden delivering chopped ivy to the now enormous compost heap.
Then Erin came round and took me away from all this to play in the giant Kardboard Kastle and have tea round theirs. I ate lots and had a great time, even got to borrow her magic wand expressly against her vocal wishes.

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