Thursday, 18 August 2011

Once more unto the beach, dear friends

weeping willow salix over the village pondRain. In the vain hope that the torrents would cease by the afternoon, we delayed our departure to the seaside which left us with a free morning. We drove down into the buzzing metropolis that is Sherborne and found a hairdressers. I got a less efficient cut for even more money than usual (£9). On the way back up the hill we aquaplaned majestically but didn't crash. I read some more Dumbo with Grandad who was a technical training lecturer/manager so didn't believe me when I said I couldn't do it. 
oversize racing helmet in go-kartEventually we went for it and had a pub lunch at The Springhead Inn in Sutton Poyntz (Doom Bar on tap) during which the rain almost stopped. We investigated the stream and duckpond and drove on to Weymouth Sea Life Centre. Entry was a mere £18 each so we turned tail and ran, accepting a free space cadets hat from 2 aliens.
pirate adventure minigolf in weymouth
 As a sweetener we went on the Rio Grande train, drove around the Go-Kart track wearing enormous helmets and did all 18 holes of the distinctly superior Pirate Adventure Mini-golf course. By then it was raining again so we went home for tea. Then we bagged up an Amstrad E-m@iler™, a Pye black box and my large old cotbed to sell on Ebay. The cat brought us in another dead vole and Jof phoned to say she'd locked herself in Pops' house.

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