Sunday, 28 August 2011

Kite frenzy

southsea kite festival
kite madness on the seafront, prevailing windsThis bank holiday weekend is Southsea Kite Festival so once we'd built the lego police emergency launch that Jof had bought me as a reward for being alone with Bud for 3 days, we were free to go. He biked down while we used the magic bus ticket. Ostensibly he was down there to meet Jason (old school friend) who had brought a mobile phone so he could join the 19th century but however much we searched the 57 acre site of 20,000 people, we never found him.
lego police launch boat kitBut: people we did find were - Rosie and Chloe from my school and Harrison from my old nursery so all was not lost. Then by accident we stumbled across all the rest of the Puddlers which made it all great. We played and watched the kite displays and listened to the increasingly confused commentary box (bit like Puffers Tuffers off Test Match Special but with less grip on reality) and shot each other with plastic guns of all nations. Eventually the Puddleparents voted for a decamp to the Old House At Home pub and we exeunted severally. I had a quick go on the bouncy castles before leaving. Little did I know.
When we got to the pub we found the new landlord had installed a bouncy castle. Being new to this (as if) we approached with caution but were soon well stuck in.
It wasn't as erect as it could have been due to a dodgy intake valve but once JoniBobsDad had worked out what was wrong, the PuddleParents took it in turns to fix it and we all had a rip-roaring time, rips in the intake pump and roaring when one kid landed on another. Over the period we pretty well all had a cry/whinge/bleat but then that's par for the course. At least 2 of us got twisted ankles, there were knee-to-head impacts, all the usual stuff. Not only did Harrison (current Puddler) arrive but also Zak and Zena (ex-Puddlers) came and played, I did wrestling with Zak.
bouncy castle, low pressure
After the Red football team had beaten the London football team 8-2 (which made JoniBobsDad very happy) we went home with promises of extra tunnels when Ben comes to stay with us next week. Bath fizzer night was held over from yesterday so I had the expensive purple M+S one (from the charity shop) and a random yellow star (which made the bath a suspicious brown) and did sea trials on my wonderful lego police launch which is good enough to float! It also has dive operatives and a removable jetski. How cool is that? Bedtime approx 11 something.

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