Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Entury. Long time no C

Today we visited Margaret A, an obscure cousin now retired to the south coast.
top deck of the double-decker bus, 700 portsmouth to brightonAs before, I went straight for the solitaire board. I don't play by the boring set rules but use quantum determination to oust random balls from the set and line them up in gaily coloured snakes in the circumferential gutter.
Then: O joy!! We didn't just take any old bus down to the seafront - it was my first double decker! Of course, we went straight for the upstairs front window seat and I gaggled and cackled all the way.
giant spinning bowlnewtons cradle rope swingersand excavation apparatus, bucket on a chainMargaret had found a new lottery-funded adventure playground right on the corniche at West Worthing so I operated the sand crane with 2 underlings I hired from the ranks of kids seeking employment, then I played time-shouter on the swinging newton's cradle-rope, and spun around giddily in the giant spinning bowl from the sky until it was time to go. My head was still spinning the wrong way like one of those adult beer games with the broomstick so I ran sideways and fell over the small retaining wall. I have also picked up many rounded chalk pebbles from the seashore to give to all my Puddlefriends for them to write their initials on their gateposts.
Further along was a cafe where we had tea and cakes while I watched the excellent kite-surfers leaping around and there were many giant rocks under which I found a tunnel so I spelunked happily to myself.
On the way home I was admiring Arundel Castle when my tummy went green and I vomited copiously all over myself and the car, and filled Bud's hat into the bargain. I therefore counted tractors and pipe lorries all the way home in a haze of wetness and whiffs.
In the evening we stripped wallpaper from the lounge walls, I was as avid a stripper as ErinsMum. Er.
Stripping wallpaper

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