Thursday, 25 August 2011

Yes! I want to end the nightmare of high credit card debt

newspaper article old confused elderly man posts letters in binRain! It pummelled our roof at 0400 and it piddled generously upon us as we caught the bus into town for the YMCA. He had to lift me over some of the deeper pavement-lakes.
Today we walked from town to canoe lake and went crab fishing. I only caught one (the other two leapt back into the lake before I could grab them) but it was the biggest one in the world! Not including the monster crabs we saw yesterday at the sea life centre.
harvesting home-grown tomatoesAnyway once we'd got home and checked Pop's house for burglars, I harvested the tomatoes and had this picture taken in a vain attempt to recreate the "Fertility God" pic from this time last year. Last year my trousers were too long. This year they're too short. Will I ever get it right?
Nanna is still in hospital doing tests, surely she's passed enough exams at her age? As is always the way in publicly funded medical facilities, one of the 3 other patients is mad. He detaches himself from the pipes and tubes and wanders the room bumping into things at 1 in the morning, probably a Somme re-enactment or similar. This is why Nanna doesn't get enough sleep. I told Bud that I hope Nanna doesn't go into her grave.

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