Monday, 22 August 2011

Utraque fortuna ridete

Last night the fridge died, so we have spinach juice on the floor and warm milk. This afternoon we will buy a new fridge, because we have lots of money for this sort of thing, in the meanwhile, we are using Pop's fridge as we're looking after their house again. Every time we want a cup of tea we shall get the milk etc from their place. The first tea of the morning shall be fun as we shuffle naked down the street carrying only keys and a steaming mug of brewing-happily.....
To add to the confusion, Jof cooked all the chicken this morning to save it from spoiling. When she got to work there was a power cut so they sat in the dark for hours not being able to do anything.
Bud bought a new fridge on the way back from work to be delivered tomorrow morning 0700-0900. Then Nanna rang to say she had had a funny turn and was going to be in hospital overnight for tests, but not to worry. Jof tried her best, fat chance.
So supper was a fridge Wake-Banquet, where we tried to consume all the food we could rather than throwing it away. Colin the Compost Heap got a smorgasbord of sweetcorn, spinach and beans garnished with mayo, garlic butter and a million other things you forget about in the corner of the fridge.
I got Hot and Cold Running Medley which I prepared myself from only 11 of the not-so-freshest ingredients.
They got Babylonian Stir-fry Surprise, some of which worked, some of which didn't.
At the YMCA we discussed fossil hunting and so I created a storyboard in true Marvel Comics style.

comic style storyboard about fossil hunting

1. Oh I foynd a fosoll
2. I wunder wot it is from
3. Mum I foynd a fosoll
4. Woyl dun max sed mum
5. lets shoe bud
6. havv you had fun    yes we foyd a fosoll

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