Monday, 29 August 2011

Resistance is futile (Ohms)

Woke up at 1050. I was still sulking when Erin came round to tell us what colour to paint our walls. Jof had chosen nappy brown and chunder green so after some tense renegotiation the Erins actually went down to Big B+Q and came back with specific orders and colour matching swatches and everything.
Bud went off the the Kite Festival again to meet Jason (old school friend and blog follower) to collect one elderly mobile phone and a surprise kite.
But then Erin took me home to her place and I complied, forgetting all those lifelong grudges and betrayals I'd invented to make me sulky in the first place. We made a massive train track and were suspiciously quiet for hours.
As per usual, I slyly inviegled my feet under her table, and got myself a free chicken roast dinner, missing out on the identical and yet apparently inferior roast chicken dinner being cooked by Jof.

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