Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The lurgy takes hold

life imitates art, sculptures made with neodymium magnets
These structures are made with hundreds of tiny neodymium magnets out of old hard disc drives.
830? What sort of a getting-up time is that? We are now more accomplished at stealing food from the breakfast room.
Morning foray: minigolf, carousel, tugboat, dune buggies again. Then I pretended I hadn't heard him say get out of the playzone: that's why we had to go home. minigolf butlins bognor regis
 go-karting butlins bognor
 bognor seafront sands at low tide, butlins skyline tent in background
 motorbike ride, bognor regis
arcade games butlins bognorThen we lost Jof for an hour. Finally she reappeared (it's so easy to wander around missing each other in a site this size) and we had a picnic on half-inched food in a kitchen we didn't expect. Then I took Bud to the seafront where we caught the land train to the pier. It was low tide so we strode out onto the exposed sands and threw rocks at seagulls in a revenge attack for all the noise they make. We couldn't get on the pier but I watched a game of bowls and a horse-drawn funeral cortege. The promised minigolf would have been £7 so instead I was allowed on the bouncy castle/slide; the man forgot to take the token (£1.50) so I got a free go on the motorbikes as well. We bought some fudge for Jof (rule #17 of life, always buy your mother some choc or similar) and took the train back to go swimming.
miners game butlins bognorWe did the orange/green waterslide combo and then got in the boatride queue. We waited ages because one of the boats had overturned in the tunnel and they had to switch off the water and a lifeguard in a hardhat had to abseil down to rescue them. It was all very funny but it did waste 15 minutes of splashtime.
In the evening we went down to the giant pointy tent again and played pool and the 10p shoving machines and the horse game and all the machines with the flashing lights and went upstairs into the giant music hall where they were playing Cotton Eye Jo. I elected to get tired at this point even though I'd wanted to start a £15 game of bowling. On the way home I vomited into a completely different flowerbed, it's because I didn't drink all night and also because I like watering the flowers. I won't be allowed out at night again, shame about the pub.

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