Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Death by a thousand cats

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Ben, I and the rest of the PuddleKiddies are in cahoots. At this point in our lives, the cahoots in question is not the glitzy strip club in downtown Tucson, but in 20 years it might be. Currently, when with only one parent (eg yesterday at the cannon museum, or this coming Friday at the Witterings beach) or no parents (eg today at the YMCA) we are a polite, angelic, close-knit team. As soon as a second parent shows up, the infighting starts, and you really wonder if there's a fundamental, historical grudge match.
I have suffered even more leg injuries today at YMCA, scratches and bruises and scuffs and grazes. When being scrubbed in the shower, there's hardly any unmarked bit he can hold on to, if my Achilles heel goes, I'm in the Styx.
Today's activity (apart from lego) was a walk down to the Blue Reef Aquarium where I saw exactly the same sharks I saw last week. I have expounded sufficiently upon Otter Botties so shall refer to their prodigious poo-ing no more in this journal. Also present today was ex-Puddler ginger Kiera, but none of us liked her so we're glad we selected Elizabeth to join our ongoing gang instead. Once Bud had collected us we drove to Ben's place for some train track action. I shall bring my track to his place tomorrow so we can make a giant circuit: I have the same sort of track so they'll join together, but I've got different components and we put a little M on all of my bits so we can separate them afterwards. He can borrow mine for ages 'cos then I can get to play on the combined track.
Returned home to find he'd painted half the front room. Give it a month and it might be back to normal. Stayed up to watch England beat India in the cricket.

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