Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bits, Bytes, Nybbles and Chomps

Today we are a refrigerated family once more. The delivery men came 10 minutes before their allotted timespan was up (we were holding out for free pizza if they took more than 30 mins) and left the new fridge-freezer there for Jof to unpack from its giant box and mounds of polystyrene.
It's even bigger than the last one which is nice as we can fit even more magnets on it.
Jof is going to visit Nanna tomorrow so I will have a surprise day at home with Bud.
Today at the YMCA we went to the Isle of Wight on the hovercraft! We then made sandcastles on the beach and went ice skating on a rink with real actual ice!! There were penguins you could hold onto and I slowly made my way around the outside of the rink clutching my support-penguin but only made 1 brief foray into the Taiga on my own.
I shall have my first swimming lesson this week.
I made a special picture for Jof to take to Nanna, it'll make her stay in hospital a little easier. I wanted to go too but Jof remembers the time Erin visited her mother in hospital and she spent the whole time going up and down in the lift and wanting to go home.
picture of a miniature railway train for hospital visit
This is my rendition of the trains I rode on with Nanna. The cannonball-balancer is the driver and the haemorrhaging man at the back has in fact got a red cushion.

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