Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Come for the doughnuts. Stay for the volcano

box cutting knives in inappropriate packaging for children
Off to see Nanna for a couple of days. However I shall still blog at a distance via the ether. A pallet (Kardboard House of Kraziness) is taking shape at my place for the Mansion Warming party at Erin's. It began with the classic 1 large box big enough for 3 kids to sit inside and look out through the face-shaped windows. Then it moved on to the epic full sized pallet (cap'n'sleeve) with attached annexe, big enough for 7 kids to sit inside and look out through the face holes. (See earlier posts at your peril). What will it be this time?
So at Nanna's, we:
1. Visited Pevensey Castle, it's very old and the nearby Courthouse is somewhat of a ripoff, the museum bit had only a couple of old machines and some ancient coins which aren't that ancient if I've already got them in my collection. Also the door to the Jailhouse was mysteriously jammed so I couldn't be locked up as I so richly deserve.
pevensey ancient castle in ruins, william the conqueror2. Found a real cannonball on the beach (well it was a really spherical rock, who's counting, and why couldn't I bring it back home to go in the Cacti pots like all the rest of the ammunition)
3. Had ice cream and went to my favourite food outlet Pizza Hut for a pizza that was bigger than me
4. Got a new transformer (pre-op, so only partially transforms) and fed the ducks.
What more do you need? I'm only 5 (in this incarnation)

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