Wednesday, 17 August 2011

One year on

reading the lesson in churchToday is my first blogaversary. To celebrate I shall visit my Grandparents in deepest Dorset and report back.
2 1/4 hours and 92 miles later we nipped down to the village church to examine the lead on the roof for insurance purposes. The insurance company want them to use smart water, wonder if it's smarter than me. I climbed the tower again (70 steps) and tried to ring the bells but I was too light to pull the ropes and Grandad said it would mean the Germans were invading anyway.
 five bar gate and a valley in dorset
I stood on one of the lecterns and decried for a while, thought I ought to get in some practice for when I start my own religion. Having determined that the lead wasn't worth stealing we went on exactly the same walk as last time only the bridleway wasn't full of bluebells, it was cuckoo pints and horsepoo. I have a remote-controlled tractor in permanent residence and I'm learning to drive it around without hitting the walls. The new cat (very loud, slim and pointy) monitors my progress from a safe lap or table. It's small, but it can catch 3 birds a day.

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