Sunday, 7 August 2011

Colossus of roads to recovery day

I arose at 11, as befits a gentleman of my stature. I'm now going for the record of hours spent in front of the TV.
The hole in the fence II
hole in the fenceIn the mid-afternoon I adjudged myself recovered and announced that we would now visit the waterfall on my bike. The waterfall is the outflow of an ancient sump under Fort Cumberland that fills up when the tide is in, only to slowly disgorge its watery load when the tide is out. It thus makes for an excellent afternoon's work digging, damming, changing the course of the resultant river and generally mucking around. Even Pops loved it.
So Jof dropped us off in the car and we locked the bike and went looking for the hole in the fence (that we had found and investigated 3 days ago) to the old radar station. As suspected, it had been resealed with lots of new bits of wire. This is when we remembered the second, unrelated hole in the fence that we saw on Thursday, so we strumbled past the few hardy nudists in the howling gale and crashing waves and accessed the restricted military zone further down. We walked around the razor wire Maginot line-style, had a couple of blackberries by the gun emplacements and went in a derelict building (but didn't climb the ladder to the roof). Just when we were going round the corner to see the Victorian fort proper, we saw humans in the dry moat so basically ran away. Nobody chased us so we threw rocks into the sea for a while then rode home via the trains at tunnel park: we arrived at exactly the right time to catch the last train of the day - I mean, they were packing up even as I went round the track. 
Hayling Island from Fort Cumberland. Derelict buildings
walking on the wild side of the fence, Southsea nudist beach

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