Saturday, 27 August 2011

Great balls of fire

park benches with graffiti wall, will we ever wake up?
This question haunts me every Sunday morning
Up at 0800, just right for Bud who thanked me profusely. Our normal Saturday walk took us to the bottlebank and 2 parks. Played "House-throwing" which is where we stand in front of a large brick wall in the park and wang the bouncy ball against it and practice saving the boundary. Bud and Bune used to play "Grynder-squish" which is squash but with a bouncy ball - much funnier.
At the charity shop I bought another 20p toy car, but a metal one this time after the last one died after only 1 minute of being thrown down a slide. I have named it Micton because it has such a large engine. Yes, this is logical, shut up. Also not to be confused with Mictlan, which is the Aztec underworld. You will of course, know this, from my second album "See you in Mictlan".
using a globe to identify animal originsOn the way back we found a house with a for sale sign and a big pile of bonfire wood in the front garden - a cot bed almost identical to the one we're selling. We carried home as much as we could, I was energy-powered by another slice of Pork-pie-with-an-egg-in. The second we got home, it rained heavily. This just goes to show I'm a rain god as well.
I was playing FRIV (this is a games site that Pops turned me onto) when the wild-haired beauty herself returned from holiday and we played "Identify the animal" from the globe that Grandad gave me. We then played jumping from the cupboard onto my bed and went to her bedroom and rabbit enclosure for hours. Popped back to announce I'd be staying for supper.
bed of bonfire wood and cardboardLittle did I know (apart from our weeks of planning) that Jof would return to us tonight and Martin and Zoe would arrive for our bonfire mini-party. These 2 things happened within 5 minutes and off we went. I burnt all the triangles and the cupboard they brought round. For a while there, they had to nip out to obtain chish'n'fips: the shop was closed so they bought chinese instead.
burning a cable drumAs I'd already been fed at Pop's place I was happy with a bag of prawn crackers and some cold chips but then I'm easy. While they were gone I played wood'n'cardboard shop with Zoe: she said I was possibly the fairest manager she'd ever worked under, which bodes well for my future cult leadership. Eventually it all got incinerated and we went our separate ways.
Jof was not pleased that we had not redecorated the house while she was away. You can't please all of the people all of the time, frequently none of them for any of it.

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