Saturday, 13 August 2011

Popsio, Popsio, wherefore art thou....

skateboard exerciser in playparkLast night they said don't get up too early so I made it 0900, which was accepted. After an extremely relaxing morning (and a laugh at the test match) we wandered up to Gymnastics and stopped off at Kirby Swingpark to see the smelly animals and play on some new stuff. They have a skateboard slider which is always a risk.
Soon I'm going to swimming lessons, just as soon as the swim dept woman gets back to work. Football was loud, nice to hear all the old songs again, although I don't understand them yet.
Check #1 completed on PopsHouse: it's still there but a right old con as Pops said I could go round and play, I couldn't find anything worth playing with.
I spent lots of time today making rockets out of cups and toilet rolls. This was so I could perform my puppet show (based on an unoriginal idea from Butlins) called "Goldilocks and the 3 bears with rockets". Hollywood beckons, if they can remake Conan the barbarian, they'll do anything.

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