Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fly fishing in the stream of consciousness

isle of wight ferry, hovercraft, gosport and sea life centreJof left us to visit Nanna. With luck she won't get lost.
mirror carp in aquariumJof left us a free ticket to the Blue Reef Sea Life Centre on the seafront and a magic all-week bus ticket so we were pretty well set for the day, that'd save us over £20.
three otters in captivityOn the way to the bus stop we bequeathed my old plastic table and 4 chairs to Puddleducks and put some stuff in the clothing bank. So we boogied on down, baby, to the coast where we climbed the battlements and noticed that Henery the 8th's castle was free admission all summer.
entrance to tunnels under southsea castle, caponierWe got to the aquarium (by a round-about route as I was leading), saw many fish and crabs and frogs and lizards and turtles and otters and sharks and shrimp and coral and urchins and sea horses. It was so good we went round again.
steep steps underground to tunnelsThen the tannoy man said it was feeding time at the otter pool so we watched the cute furry creatures devouring their crunchy lunch, which was dead chicks.
The otter area was very whiffy and we discovered the mound of shingle at the back was not in fact shingle when one of them added to it to make room for his lunch.
Once we'd visited the shop (sea life mug and bucket'o'soapy frogs) we went back to see Henery the 8th and his castle. The tunnels were open again so we spelunked and potholed as far as we could and rattled the padlocks on the locked gates. The obligatory visit to the shop yielded me a plastic bow and arrow set (Bongensch├╝tzen-set) which I shall use to shoot at the freaky boy scout before we incinerate him. Even as we were on the bus home, the olfactory nightmare of the otter excreta still infested our noses. (Wotta lotta otter). I'm no expert in mammalian scatology, but is that normal?
After yet more sofatime we did a walk around the block which meant we could pick up the 2 long wooden curtain rails and other assorted bits of wood from under the clothing bank we visited earlier. It's important to always have some strange things for the bonfire. On the way back I did a passable impression of a sniper, plugging several pedestrians.

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