Friday, 26 August 2011

An apple a day: adventures in Cyder-space

STUPID DOG stuck in blinds didn't expect you home
Rain again. Took the bus to the YMCA with Rosie, we looked out of the back window and gurned at cars.
Jof is still visiting Nanna, I miss her.
Spent the day at the YMCA with the JoniBobs! Great to see them again. Did loads of drawing, many of mine are navy-oriented, shows a certain influence from Mr Johnny. We also did swimming, wasn't it lucky that I had all that swimming kit in my locker and he'd kindly left me the key as well.
O what a surprise it was for me when he turned up at 5pm telling me I had to go for my swimming lesson, and O what a surprise it was for him when I said I'd already been! I also got somewhat battered during dodgeball/bombardment which led to a couple of red patches on my tum, I'm trying to show them off but they didn't come out in this pic.
holiday camp activities, drawing and swimming
I wore armbands and shivered a lot in the water, for I was born without fat. I was given a red showercap that smelt like a balloon. Mostly we just chugged back and forth across the pool. I was the slowest. We couldn't go in a straight line and always ended up bundled together in a corner. But I got better and better until we did the jumping in from the side which was my favourite part. Here endeth the lesson: so Bud kindly signed me up for an indefinite amount of further lessons (let's hope it doesn't take that many) and we were free to go. Supper was supposed to be pizza with garlic bread, let's hope Jof gets home soon and treats me to some real food, properly prepared.

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