Friday, 5 August 2011

Come for the rattlesnake rodeo. Stay for the spinal reconstruction

sexism is alive today, retro church sign north buncombe church of god
Going to Erin's place later today to begin installing the Kardboard House of Kraziness. I suspect she'll sleep in it tonight.
Had a very lazy morning, so ended up going shoe shopping later than planned. Met Elizabeth down Gunwharf (I meet people I know everywhere, preferably female).
On the way back - TRAGEDY!! The bus driver asked how old I was and promptly charged me for riding on the bus. I thought this was excellent as I got my very own ticket, but it sadly means the end of plausible denial and a cheeky 50% rise in travel costs. Let's hope I don't pay for trains for a while yet.

decorating a castle. Knickers get stuckErin's holiday writing diary is much better than mine. For a start, she can write, and secondly, she can write in English.
So while I was buying shoes, Erin Towers was built and safety-tested by an adult (carpenter, test out thine own scaffold). It's good to bounce on as long as you don't fall off the roof which has no retaining fence. By the time we get there, it may have been completely redecorated. Her word of the day is "Wensleydale" so expect to see that on the box.
 In an unpredictable move, The JoniBobs revealed that they would be at the Pirate Ship Pub this evening so we all managed to join them,including Ben's parents, even though they didn't have a Ben who was in Cornwall.
child-friendly adventure playground in the pub gardenWe did our best to drain our parent's pockets by demanding many costly pineapple juice bottles, and played hide and seek on the increasingly complex junk pile by the gate. There's now a trailer and some random bits of fence to go with the dead bench and disembodied door that we played on last time. By the third pint we all got a bit ratty so they called it and we went our separate ways, busy day tomorrow after all.
I changed Sky channel during a timer recording so they recorded me changing channels 8 times and finally landing on the Little Einsteins instead of Futurama, they'll love that when they find out.

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