Thursday, 4 August 2011

Come for the ice sculpting. Stay for the Swedish revolution

pupil's drawing of teacher, doing meth
Today I return to civilisation. Jof has had the benefit of my full-on attention for 3 days now so had to run upstairs and take a nap. So Bud and I went down the park, nobody there we knew so moseyed off to find Poppy. The Poppies are away so no luck there but I did poke my head over the fence at the nursery and said hello to Elizabeth.
child's den made out of shipping pallet cap and sleeveIt was then I agreed with his first idea of a bike ride so we went down to Fort Cumberland, where we locked the bike and ate blackberries. It was very windy so the sea was quite busy and had thrown up lots of interesting detritus for us to investigate and throw rocks at. The tideline was strong on: cuttlefish, tin cans, corks, bits of burnt wood, shells, random bits of broken plastic etc. There were no nudists.
On the way back we discovered a bona fide hole in the razor-wire fence around the derelict radar station so nipped into the abandoned military installation to have a nose around. It was very strong on bolts, oil spills, brambles, cable drums, those rubber spikes out of anechoic test chambers, wire and broken bottles. We shall return with a camera, as no soldiers came to chase us away.
Incidentally, as soon as we got home, I couldn't help but notice the small cardboard item that he's been working on while we were away. It made me laugh although not in this picture, apparently. If I stand up on it I can bump my head on the ceiling.

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