Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I'm sorry. All our Batpeople are busy.....

sunflowers helianthus annuus and blue skyfairground carousel This morning we rose early and hit breakfast buffet style. I had a banger and 2 hash browns but refused more as I have not yet gathered that that's it until supper. We strode forth to ye olde seafront and threw rocks. We were heading for the pier when Jof got the hump, I had a retaliatory tantrum and we agreed to go inside. I did playzone again, failed dismally to operate the broken dysfunctional unlabelled controls on the digger-scoop-O-matic machine and Jof went back to read on her own.

spinning cup seat in playground hotham park bognor regis
 miniature railway hotham park bognor regis

wrestling opening match tag team wrestling
Thus I took Bud to the neighbouring Hotham Park (like Gotham, but no Bat-persons) where I climbed on the adventure playground, and he pushed me so fast on the rope-slide of death I went upside down at the end (but didn't fall off due to my immensely strong gripper-hands (and moveable eyes)). An american was sent by god to talk to us, amazing how often that combination crops up. There was a miniature railway, say no more squire. Lunch: chocolate and 2 bananas.
Afternoon activities: carousel, shimmying tugboat and go-karts again. Further swimming, in which Jof tried out the orange waterslide and on that basis elected not to go on the more complex and scary green, blue and boat slides. He did the blue one twice (with integral spinning cone-bowl of death) and we did the speedboat tunnel ride again.
wrestling cheerleader with pom poms butlins bognorFor supper we accidentally went into the wrong restaurant but they let us off. I'm beginning to understand the term 'buffet' and made a cheese'n'fishfinger sandwich out of garlic bread. No greater ambrosia exists, in my book. After showers we went out again to the Red stage where I saw lots of big shouty men pretending to wrestle after waving flags at each other. I got a Butlins foam hand which I waved religiously until I destroyed it. After the event I got so hot I vomited in a flowerbed: this infraction was detected by a passing redcoat and he enlisted the help of 3 others to fill in some forms about how I didn't have legionnaires disease, salmonella or food poisoning etc. They just wouldn't accept I was a hot kid with a loose tummy.

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