Thursday, 11 August 2011

The fun of the fair Vs the tummies of splutch

Late in the night I vomited again, this time in my bed. For the second wave of nausea I made it to the toilet and the double-ended tummibug reared its ugly doublehead. This meant I had to have another shower. The subsequent moist and aromatic loss of one of the twin beds in my room meant that we all had to swap round again, now all 3 of us have slept in all 3 beds. We voted to only get up at 0930 today.
0400. Seagull attack.
fireman sam magic wonder safety show0900. Down to housekeeping to order up a new bed and thence to first aid where the nice highly-qualified man told me to drink plenty of fluids. Having got this out of the way I went on a variety of indoor kiddie rides. I watched Bud eat breakfast (I had juice) and then I enjoyed the Fireman Sam Magic Wonder Show in which he and his cohorts of assorted dubious accents urged us to wear helmets while riding bikes.
Eventually I hungered for a ham and crisp sandwich and visited the activity centre to do some quiet arts'n'crafts.
Last visit to the splashpool: final go on the boat ride of death etc until I banged my head on a slide (he tickled me so I fell over) and home. After supper we went to the bowling alley (fully booked) so frittered away our last remaining pennies on the machines with flashing lights. If I had my way, I'd never run out of coins.

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