Monday, 15 August 2011

Circuit and sea

hayling Ferry crossing
So cool I'm hot
Today he persuaded me to go on a mammoth bike ride in a big circuit, so big it had a ferry, a pub lunch and a train in it. How can you not.
1015 Set off for the Hayling Ferry. We didn't have to wait long for it to come over and pick us up. Many bicyclists use this useful service. Once over the other side we pushed on up the old Hayling Billy line as previously travelled in another post (but in the other direction - we swapped directions this time so the headwind would be a help not a hindrance) and made it through to the Ship Inn where I had fish and chips and peas and double scoops of luxury chocco ice cream. I got stung on both legs by stinging nettles, had a couple of blackberries but didn't like the elderberries this time. For a while there, the only plants around us were hawthorn, thistle, nettles, teasel, bramble, gorse, holly..... a theme develops. But I did get to play on the super-advanced mountain cyclist's up-and-down track until some teenagers arrived and started using it.
advanced bike riding park
hayling billy line and bridleway with horses Another stint later, we arrived at Havant railway station and caught the train back to town, and rode home from there. It took 4 and a quarter hours but then there was quite a lot of resting, eating, throwing rocks into the sea..... total distance travelled on 2 wheels: 15km (9.3 miles).
tunnel of trees on bikepathpub lunch, ship inn langstone
In the afternoon we were supposed to go down to the model village and use up the leftover tickets from last christmas with Erin. But there was a change of plan and she went crab fishing with the JoniBobs. They all got crabs. By the time we rang them, they were in the Pirate Ship Pub so we moseyed on down for a swift couple. We ran around and damaged each other and hurt each other's feelings (and toes, in Erin's case) and argued most vociferously. Even though we were in uncharted territory (Pub on a Monday?!?) it got too much for the boring adults and we split. This occasioned tantra. Tantrums? It was ages until I got the remote control back, apparently saying please and thank you is important, I reckon sorry seems to be the hardest word.

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