Saturday, 31 October 2015

No Ordinary Ordnance

victoria park portsmouthSaw Jof off to work and settled down for a quiet day's Minecrafting. Bud interrupted this perfectly reasonable plan by making me do my homework which is to write a job application for my dream job.
I had already done the rough draft where I detailed my extensive experience, official qualifications and willingness to do the job, so I only had to transfer it to the application form in neat handwriting. But I made a few mistakes early on and that ruined it for me so I got angry and cut out a lot of it which made it easier ie shorter.
lidl fireworks tnt the nite theatre rockets We got to my acting lesson 2 minutes early and I was there for at least 2 1/2 seconds before I realised that acting was off this week due to half-term so we left the car there and walked into town and saw Jof again and played in Victoria Park. We saw the 2 armed policepersons outside the Navy Wardroom opposite HMS Nelson, amazingly at the same time that Commercial Road was sealed off by lots of armed cops because of the crazy guy taking hostages in a shop using a machete. We missed the whole thing by 50 yards.
We bought lots of drinks in LIDL including a 1.5 litre Chianti and a packet of 20 rockets (Sky Shuttle Star Burst) for Bonfire Night, or to defend our homestead from those naughty trickle-treaters. It is my job to deal with the Skelingtons and Draclias because up until last year, I was one myself and I know the way the greedy little freeloaders work. OK, I dressed up as the Terminator last year, but who's counting. This year I feel just that little bit too old to join in.
Here the rockets sit in a 1975 12 centimetre naval shell case off a Dutch ship, made by weapons manufacturer Bofors of Sweden. Cunningly grouped into fives of four different sizes, they all have their own sticks so they can get their own back on us by hitting us on the head.
In the end, I served about a dozen Trickle-Treaters and retained vast amounts of Halloween candy for myself, can you think of anyone more deserving?

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