Monday, 19 October 2015

I am Golden Pig

just fuck kids shop name sign funny failIn 'Celebration' Assembly (weekly exultation event in which prizes, medals and certificates are handed out) today I was summoned to be given a 100% Perfect Certificate of Achievement for Focused Work and Fantastic Effort during Guided Reading (although on the certificate itself, it's spelt Reaading - probably end up as a novelty collectable).
Pupils in my year have been given the chance to attend a week-long residential Study Workshop in the summer. We were warned that only a set number of kids could go, and if over-subscribed, names would have to be pulled out of a hat. Amazingly, only exactly the right number of people applied so the playground was full of us giving the good news to the waiting parents, who will of course be honoured to pay the £226 fee. Actually, that's possibly a decent price to pay for a week of silence. Jof says that they'll go on one of those nice SAGA holidays.
In Scouts I usually play HogPig with Rowan. He is fairly diminutive so I can give him a piggy-back: he plays Golden Hog and I am Golden Pig and he tries to eat me so I run away, with him on my back. Confused? You will be.
Anyway, I headed back to the church of Portents, Miracles and Mystic Smoke for the Scout meeting and us Cubs have decided on the migrant crisis for our next charitable activity, and will be collecting warm clothes and camping equipment for those unfortunates stuck the wrong side of a fence. We discussed all the countries supplying these displaced peoples and one of them was Niger, I made a hemi-demi-semi-pronunciation error and was told off lots.

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