Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Stasis Booth: Day 1

this is why punctuation is importantJof says I get 42 days of holiday, not sure whether to make a joke about the meaning of life or a 1980s pop band. But it does mean that they can't cover all my holidays unless we never have any time off as a family, so I have to do the week-long activity camps such as the watersports one, the acting one, the country-camp one or whatever new one we discover next year. And the oddment days are filled at the Stasis Booth, so that bit by bit, I age slightly less than everyone else in the world.
This time, Jof drove up, I jumped out of the open car door and rolled to a stop at the gate. First activity was Magic Show in which I made a £1 coin appear out of thin air, which was specially imported from Nepal.
We made chalk pictures and I did make a Lego creation but destroyed it, made some new friends but didn't destroy them, and there were 3 people I knew.
Bud picked me up early but dumped a coffin full of tubes and flats and pink foam etc, which we will investigate tomorrow with a view to making bazookas. And telescopes, rockets, lighthouses, Rapunzel-towers, and anything else cylindrical and erect that we can think of.

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