Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Mrs Thatcher Lives!

nutkum engrish product funny nameThis rain never stops. It seems like a lifetime ago we had that nice day of summer.
homework vikings longhouse home madeWhile I was at school, Jof stayed home and restarted my homework, as it should be. Not content with our first foray into recreating a Viking warrior's hovel, she thatched a new roof on a new frame and when I got home I correctly identified it as 'Epic', given that she'd spent 4 hours gluing each individual reed onto it. It has the wet look that many a Visigoth or Hun would envy, and a genuine goat for scale.
olive green motors liss road southseaJof also successfully fancy-dressed as the venerable and pugnacious Mrs Thatcher a couple of New Years' Eves ago, and this proves that she could not only talk the talk, but swing the handbag as well.
I collected the car from the garage and learnt about 'MOT'n'Service' bills, being careful not to fall down the inspection pit or complain when the nice mechanic said he couldn't find a F***ing stapler with some C***ing staples in it.
In Gymnastics I got even better at complicated tumbling and can now walk on my hands without assistance, apparently.

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