Monday, 26 October 2015

He's got the Whole World in his hands

red car on a french chateau balconyThe first day of a richly deserved half term break so I mostly played Minecraft, it is all I really want to do.
But because the TV has been offline, we had to wait for the engineer who was scheduled to visit some time before 4pm, which pretty well wrote off the day.
He forced me to do my own homework in which I applied for the job of 'Swimming Racer'.
I chose to re-watch 'Con Air' for lunch because it's funny. Apart from some Robert Earl Keen or Billy Joe Shaver or Ray Wylie Hubbard in the waterfront Redneck saloon at the beginning, some lovey-drivel and the ubiquitous Sweet Home Alabama, the only song is He's got the whole world in his hands as sung by the 6 year-old girl and the terrifying serial murderer Steve Buscemi. So this is the song that stuck in my head and I sang it to my new Minecraft world afterwards.
waterstones bookshop commercial road portsmouthThen, as was readily predicted in the stars, the cable guy turned up at 2 minutes to 4 and plugged the cable back in for us, which miraculously made the set-top box work again.
So, fuelled by embarrassment and unused legs, we sped into town on our bikes without lights to buy the last 5 remaining Lemony Snicket books for my collection from a young lady who needed a bigger bra. I led the way home, chased by the gathering dusk, and at one point, ErinsDad, who chided us for not having lights on our bikes.

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