Friday, 23 October 2015

Nothing Dentured, Nothing Gained

green tree frogs falling down funny
Today was the end of term so we got the usual bonus Mufti Day (£1) and Open Day (parents get to see schoolwork).
We were to have shown the videos of our group musical interpretation sessions on the theme of War of the Worlds but the server couldn't cope with our radical visionary experimental performance and froze, which at least saved the parents from lasting mental scarring.
We did however destroy the Viking homesteads (that our parents worked so hard to produce) using the pyramidal catapults and some tennis balls. Mine lasted for at least 2 shots before capitulating like a medieval city wall made of bulrushes but some others lasted longer.
school topic project vikings anglo saxonsThen I shot off early because I could, and at the dental appointment the nice tooth-driller said I had improved my brushing skills and then we found £2.60 in the road. I was given grapes for my afternoon snack, but some likely lad had ruined them totally by adding seeds. I mean, what's the point?
After my swimming lesson, all us chaps in the boy's changing room played 'Animal Farm' or was it 'Carnival of the Animals'. We all had a favourite animal noise and I was Ecstatic Emu (for I do a goose impression that brings the house down) and the parents listening outside the door were almost scared to come in and find out what was going on, what with all the quarkling and the hooting.
Jof spent Friday night 'at the gym' so I simply got even more Minecraft.

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