Saturday, 3 October 2015

To Act or not to Act

Having fortified myself with an egg fried in my own personal frying pan (yes, I have one. Don't you?) I wandered off to acting. The roads were even busier than normal. But soon there were clues and commonalities such as huge queues of old people accompanied by lost-looking youths - it was University open day.
university of portsmouth open day studentunion The street corners had helpers dressed in purple with "Ask Me" placards and big signposts to all the halls of residences and faculties and the button-controlled pedestrian crossings were constantly active. More grist to the mill, all 18 and lost. Anyway, in acting we went over the song and dance a few more times and were told about Jack and the Beanstalk. This is a traditional Xmas panto and the beanstalk itself is hanging from the ceiling and I have an audition. But, the rehearsal schedule looked a bit full-on so I said I didn't want to do it. This might look like wanting to go to a football match but not actually watch the match itself but I was adamant so they dropped the subject until I could come to terms with a busier lifestyle. I chose to fill the afternoon with "Predator" because you've just got to laugh at the big black guy capping off 200 rounds of the minigun but I left just at the final showdown. We scooted around the block to clear our heads. Speaking of monosyllabic acting, I'm going to need a Dodgy Moniker (not Dodgy Monica - steer clear of her). I remember a chap called Danbert Nobacon (ex-Chumbawumba singer) because his name sticks in the mind somewhat. There was also some kid in the 80s who styled himself 'Jasper Moonbeam', although he is lost to the ether of yesteryear. Fortunately I already have a name, must register it at Equity. The actor that played Sub-Zero in The Running Man is Professor Toru Tanaka so there's definitely a precedent ... I was going to watch 'Starship Troopers' for supper but there was rugby. We lost anyway so what's the point..

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