Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Road goes on Forever (and the Party never ends)

morrisons great south run contestantSaturday morning so I got a lie-in and emerged, naked, into the world and sat down immediately to commune with Minecraft Mega-Player 'Stampy Longnose', my hero.
Bud only had to ask twice for me to agree to wear pants, and only a further 3 times to eat some grapes for breakfast, because I sit in front of the computer with my mouth open and my brain closed which gives me all the comfort and nutrients I need. Clothes, food, and sorting out my stuff for the day ahead are for wimps.
In my acting lesson, we went over our lines many times and I'm sure I'll make an epic Victorian street urchin and I am now lead goose as Bertie was away and I got rave reviews as his understudy. But I was pulled out of the lesson early to go on the Great South Junior Run.
great south run southsea portsmouthCycling to the event, I got a bit tired which put me at a disadvantage. The man on the loudspeakers went on and on about how we were just about to start so I rushed into my running shorts and made it just in time to stand there for 15 minutes while he shouted at us.
The Junior 12-15 age group were super-keen and then it was our turn and I saw Johnny and Robert and Thomas and lots of other known faces and the Tannoy bloke said go slow and steady so I did and brought up the rear of the group from the start.
We had an extra loop (to Mozzarella Joes) to go round to make it the full distance and I walked a bit and many known parents came over and gave me high fives or extra encouragement. There was an empty road and a storm in my rearview but the rain never quite got started.
The road certainly seemed to go on forever (I bet the adults don't have to run this far) but the friendly cheers helped me power forward into 295/305th place by the final stretch and the man with the microphone gave me a special announcement as I crossed the line (17 minutes) and I got my goodie-bag and I met up with the JBs afterwards.
I was tired after the cycle ride home so sat on the sofa eating Words From Stampy for lunch. It was over an hour before I realised that my stomach was the black hole in the centre of the galaxy and I had to make my own lunch (pizza with broccoli, cold chicken, grapes and ice cream). If this getting-off-your-butt-and-doing-it-yourself lark is preparation for real life, I don't want any part of it.
Later I had a foamy bath for muscular relaxation purposes and tired Jof stole my sofa.

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