Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Mittens: Squirrelfinder General

dangly balls airport meeting service fail funnyAnd so it came to pass that I had a day off with Jof. This one started in traditional fashion with no movement until lunchtime when we took a bus into town and went squirrel-hunting.
victoria park portsmouth trees and animalsFollowing Bud's assertion circa 1989 that there were no birds of the feathered variety in Pompey, they have been referred to since as holograms and when we found a bag of assorted nuts in the cake-making drawer that had seen better decades, we decided to feed them to the squirrels, only for Bud to cast similar aspersions upon our tree-dwelling brethren.
victoria park portsmouth
So I hunted them in Victoria Park and O yea, there were many and Jof took many images but they all came out blurred so a clever lawyer may well consider the case unproven.
Then I climbed on the many good wooden frames and nets and wires and Jof took some blurs of them too. In BHS we had a slap-up meal for only £11 which is not to be sneezed at and there was a really chocolatey cake in M+S and some Minecraft teddies in Wilkos.
furry minecraft animalsI have a slight Minecraft habit but I can give it up any time, it doesn't hurt anyone and I'm always in control. So she slyly bought me a Minecraft Ocelot (yes) and a Minecraft Pig (I mean, who doesn't have one nowadays?) in the hope that I'd switch my attention to something in the real world and I spoke in tongues to my Mine-Animals and cuddled my beautiful blocky babies and took them home where I set them up on the computer desk and played Minecraft to them while explaining to them exactly what I was doing.
My Mine-Ocelot is called Mittens and my Mine-Pig is called Snuffles, after Sirius Black (you had to be there). I took Mittens to gymnastics to guard the car. Mittens has an annoying label sticking out of his butt, so yes, Mittens is going to get the snip. Don't tell him.

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