Sunday, 18 October 2015

Alea Jacta Est

chocolate in a pizza boxIn no particular hurry today so got into Jof's bed and regaled her with stories of Minecraft.
She went out with the PuddleMummies last night but it was a low-key event and they hardly had any of that fizzy stuff that makes them giggle. But they did give Jof a special Pizza lover's Pizza in its own delivery box which I could get used to. We pigged most of it today, she needs help so I volunteered.
pizza lovers pizza chocolate box One of my homework components is a dice-rolling game which you have to do against an adult and record the results. Jof was the only qualifier in the house so I played her and she won but we did fill in the grid of victories and permutations and probabilities.
risk board during a gameWe haven't played Risk for ages so I absolutely insisted and set the game up after Jof had got back from Gym and we'd eaten. I get very animated when playing Risk and constantly update opposing players on their options by waving my hands over the board and repeating myself at top volume, for otherwise, how would they know what to do?
This caused some stress, they kept telling me to be quiet but I wasn't able to hear as I was busy explaining their options ... anyway, I was sent for my shower just when it was my go and that's incredibly unfair so I took the dice hostage and stomped the Huffy Honky Tonk Stomp all the way to Sulktown via Grumpington Broadway.

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