Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Back to the Farter

red car on fire on domestic side streetBack to the Future Day is here at last and we discover that rain and more rain is what the future holds in store for us.
I have, of course, sat in the DeLorean but I wasn't allowed to travel anywhere so I am currently trapped in this pathetic timeline waiting for the next node. Incidentally, I appear to have inherited rampant flatulence from one or more of my current parents so I am filling the time gassing them and seeking carminative herbs.
film and comic convention delorean car Wednesday Park was ON even though I secretly wanted to play Minecraft but we all played the usual scootering and Ball-Tag and Swing-Kick and Hanging-Basket-Spitfire and we all contrived to fall over in our own ways and I got sulky towards the end because I missed out on some sleep last night. For a while there I thought I had a massive splinter in my hand and was dreading the attack of the dissection kit (from Bud's A level biology) but it was just a cut full of mud.

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