Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Conker Moratorium

bali life local newspaper funny headline design failSchool was a mixture today. My girlfriend had drawn me a special card message and asked me specifically to hide it and not let anyone see it. But Owen The Destroyer grabbed it from my tray and paraded it round very loudly to everyone so she got in a huff and dumped me.
In music we were in groups and Child A asked Child B if the noise could be kept down for purposes of concentration and Child B banged the drum kit like it owed him money and I was deaf for the rest of the day.
In Literacy we had to describe our chosen animal and I said that the worst part about my animal was the stomach, as viewed from inside, because mine is the Electro-Phoenix, not the regular nice Phoenix sub-species, and it is a man-eater.
playpark swing activityAt Wednesday Park the place was full but a sudden rainstorm saved us and almost everyone went home, all the wet and weedy ones at least, so we had the place to ourselves. Our copyrighted invention Giant-Tennis-Ball-Tag has really caught on in the neighbourhood and we didn't know half the competitors (but they certainly seem to know us), several were even teenage girls of all things, but the rolling game continued.
using kids jumper to collect conkers autumnWe did the skate park again and some Swing-Kick-Ball and brandished a bee-shaped baby's pacifier that we found and then one of our number found a conker and sent it tumbling down the tiled roof of the thatched building, yes, it can be both.
So we collected conker projectiles and bombarded the roof and took the orange umbrella as protection (not the English overcoat) and by the time we'd stripped the biggest conker tree of its bullety bounty we'd been hard at work for 2 hours and I was tired.
Gosh, it's tough being 9. I actually want an early night.

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