Friday, 2 October 2015

The Seven Year Glitch

Further changes at school with the inception of class PE. It has been decreed that we shall play Netball so we started with the rules, which are perversely complicated and pointless. Jof was so good at school netball that she won a medal and can still remember that Front South Defence can only take one step before passing to Rear Admiral Shooter on the third Wednesday after Pentecost unless Starboard Wing Forward has held his breath for 3 seconds in which case he can aim for goal with a Krugerrand Promissory Note signed in triplicate by Matron. Everyone cheated, because it was easier. Other than that, we learned about Lindisfarne which was a Prog rock band which was recording an early christian concept album about mead on the island in the 9th century when the Vikings attacked and pillaged the village and raped the sheep.
minecraft on x-boxIn Minecraft I wore a sofa throw over my pants and exploited a glitch in which you throw an Ender-pearl on some Glowstone and wave a pork chop repeatedly until all the rocks in the world turn transparent. This means you can see where all the cave systems are, it's funny to see all the skeletons and other creatures bimbling around in mid-air. In swimming I got moved up to the Purple Hat group. This was immediately far tougher and we did 1M (butterfly-breaststroke-backstroke-crawl) combos and upside-down butterfly (like when you drop the toast) and 4 lengths of corkscrew.
continental 21 mm inlet connection model 700g It was very tiring. Apparently you have to be 16 in order to move up to the Silver Hat group, that's another 7 years! I notice that the group I left behind now all have an underwater handstand competition at the end of every length, because that's what I used to do while waiting for them all to catch up. We got another strange item in the post, it's a gas regulator for the water heater we bought for the Scouts. With it, I can regulate the flow of Butane at 29 millibars, or blart into my own ear.

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