Thursday, 8 October 2015

Hurry past, Hurricane Joaquin

huge oil tanker run aground in storm surgeWell, school was pretty normal with ICT being my own personal highlight despite only getting 7/10 in the assessment.
I have an event coming up and this has meant some preparation. Jof has been busy buying wet weather gear, Bud has been busy buying gas-powered catering equipment and I have been busy breaking up second-hand pallets into boxes for burning on the Scout Campfire. Well actually I've been busy playing Minecraft while everyone else has been doing the hard work, but who's counting.
Today we gathered all the stuff together from the loft and the garage and checked everything off on the master-list. We knew that Jof would re-pack all of it and modify what we'd done so we just left it out for her, and that's exactly what happened, but it was all the better for it.
My travel toothbrush is clearly marked 'Formia International Inflight Products' and was one I salvaged from Grandma's house when she ran a guest house in their Dorset farmhouse, she clearly half-inched it from some flight they went on in the 1970s. Jof cleaned it.
Of course they say I'm going to have to carry all this stuff in my rucksack but I know they're kidding, right?
wood for scout camp bonfireThe Scoutmaster has asked all the parents to bring wood to help cook the chosen Cub Scout while the rest sing uplifting songs such as "I'm having Roast Leg" and "I've got the Short Straw". We have 3 large boxes of broken pallet, kindling from the Isle of Wight, some old rack thing that Jof found in someone's front garden and the first attempt at the roof of my Viking Hovel project. The Scout Leader will definitely have wood.
Now we just have to hope that ex-hurricane Joaquin misses us ...

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