Wednesday, 7 October 2015

god's Bogey

waldo in north orean army battalion failSchool was pretty normal with the Guided Reading and the Counting On Our Fingers and now I spend so much of my break inside I have developed little regular jobs such as summonsing the bad people when they have failed to fill in their Reading Records, opening the doors at assembly, and sharpening the pencils.
Wednesday Park did go ahead but it looked dodgy for a while, then the rain stopped and I met the usual suspects and we did some jumps in the skate park.
milton park skate portsmouthWe never go long without playing Giant Tennis Ball Tag and we are now well known for it. Many people join in with us, we don't know who they are apart from that they play Ball-Tag with us. Later we did the usual swing-kickball and one of the competitors was Owens-sister, who can look after herself, and another was unknown-girl, who couldn't kick very well but kept trying. Because it is a big yellow ball we called it god's Bogey and Bobert pretended to give birth to it, we're all normal in our own ways.
frshly laid woodchips safety feature council play areaRight at the end I declared it to be going home time and then Ben and I wandered off like errant Bedouin to the far corner of the park for ages on our scooters, I had a distant scootering idea and then he had a tree-climbing idea and before we knew it, people were shouting at us for making them wait for 15 minutes.
At home Jof comforted me and I headbutted her in the chin and she got concussion and had to lie down with morphia.

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