Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Freaks and Deviants Parade 2015

morrisons great south run 10 miles southsea portsmouthI got up at a decent time but only because the clocks went back last night. We have a family tradition in this household of supporting each other during televised sporting events and today was no different apart from the abundant sunshine.
Bud went off for his Great South Run (4th time - I don't think he's ever going to win) and Jof and I percolated our way down the side streets to intercept him as usual. We have developed a little place where you can be sure of a viewing spot and took up our positions a little early because when the runners get there, it's somewhat challenging crossing the road.
Jof got coffee and I waited and scanned the passing (and puffing) contestants to see anyone we knew. Well, pretty soon I recognised a pair of Smurfs. These blue bombers were followed by Bud, Wonderwoman, Fred Flintstone, 2 guys riding camels, some Roman Gladiators and Elvis, the first sighting we've had of rock'n'roll royalty since that guy who was once in Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich took up residence in the Marmion Pub.
Elizabeth joined us and wanted food loudly. There was the sound of a million rubber raindrops upon the asphalt again and the faces were full of pain even though it's advertised as a fun run. The Smurfs' colour was running stripey a bit with the sweat.
morrisons great south run 10 miles 2015But the raving runners hadn't finished and soon I saw a geezer in only a bright green thong a la Borat, a Batman and Robin duo (and an unrelated Freestanding Additional Voluntary Batman), several chaps with crabs on their backs, a gorilla, a cricketer, Mario, loads and loads of blokes in ballerina tutus, a daffodil and the English Sombrero Appreciation Club (Southern Division).
orange wave green and white southsea portsmouthThis is one of the joys of living in an island nation who has possibly not had a girlfriend for a while or whose population is just happy and accepting of their slender grip on reality.
Anyway, I cheered and shouted helpful slogans and we got warm in the sun because the dreaded Death Wind of 2 years ago failed to return and Bud (1 hour 12 minutes, coming 846th - even I managed 295th!) came to meet us and we saw ElizabethsDad and went home for lunch. This is when we found that the set-top box had died irretrievably so any footage of the race was lost forever, thanks Virgin and all those involved in the hard disc drive industry.
So we phoned Grandad and made him laugh and then I watched my Dinosaurs DVD again while Jof did complicated cooking. Bud started on beer so we'll see him tomorrow.

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