Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Shot in the Dark

kitten hiding in dog fur camouflage funnySo it was Day 2 in the Stasis Booth and the morning session was Fruit Art.
They have to be as inventive as we are to fill the long days and Fruit Art isn't bad. I made a CaterKiller which is a chimeric cross between a very hungry caterpillar and a mass murderer, not necessarily the good one off Con Air but why not. His eyes were made of spirals of orange slices and his head was bigger than his body, and in the best traditions of cannibalistic psychopaths, I got to eat him afterwards (Sancerre not available at Daycamps).
The afternoon activity was Night Games which sounds mighty suspicious but we just turned all the lights off, barricaded the doors and ran around in the pitch blackness hiding from the Hunter who had a small torch.
pitch black square I hid under all the bags and rucksacks and was caught second-last. Here I am in my epic hiding place, sorry it's a little blurred.
eastney swimming pool reception doorDuring this I sustained a twisted ankle during an unscheduled collision with a Running Man and I also got hit in the tummy with a jolly hockey stick, leaving a kiss-shaped bruise. But this is all normal and I was pulled out early to go to Extra Swimming.
We got there on time and the Herr Instruktor didn't. But in meedle of no time I was following orders that must be obeyed and I swam up and down and was used as a technique demonstrator 3 times and some of it I had to swim backwards, first time for that one.
Incidentally, when I put my coat on there was a black thing attached and Jof pulled it off to investigate and it was one of her knickers that had attached itself to the Velcro while in the washing machine. Thus I escaped a Life Perma-Trauma™, scoring a possible 6.5 on the Shrink-O-meter.

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