Thursday, 15 October 2015

Bum-Banging Bonanza

rude sign funny failAt school we played hockey in PE which is risky in a school without playing fields. Thus there were many rules and we couldn't raise our jolly hockey sticks over ankle height or hit the ball off the ground due to the danger of broken windows or shinbones whether connected to kneebones or not.
anglo saxon viking dwelling houses school topic projectAlmost all of the Viking Homesteads have been completed. Many are half-size hovels, for the smaller pillaging rapist, some are full-size ie they fit onto a sheet of A4 paper like it says in the instructions. But 2 clever girls have made an inter-tribal agreement and collaborated on a single, larger warfarers base with extra carousing space and instant access portal to Valhalla and Valkyrie landing pad.
asda fratton car park recycling bins Jof has been working hard clearing out the cupboard under the stairs at school and gave us half a ton of unsold books to dispose of. So we added all of my clothes and shoes which I have outgrown and gave them all to the charitable bins in the supermarket car park, including the book bank that cut Jof's hand so much earlier in the week.
The thing I like about Thursdays is that even when you've finished real jobs like recycling books, I've still got 9 hours to watch Youtube videos of Vitamin D-deficient youths battling cuboid zombie sheep in Minecraft. The adults don't understand (must be a mental block).
I attacked Jof using my bum today, and not by emitting noxious fumes this time. She said my bum was big so we lined up against each other and charged backwards repeatedly, what I don't have in weight I made up in gusto.

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