Thursday, 1 October 2015

Love Triangle

parents don't understand kids viewing habitsPretty normal day at school where the football game in PE became Girls V Boys and it was a draw because we were outnumbered.
Thursday is my day off but I don't find it boring because I have Minecraft. This too will pass, of course, but its blocky glory occupies my every mental moment and will continue to do so until the next Big Thing.
grade 2 haircut boyI demanded a haircut and ordered a Grade 2 because I am a simple man and low-maintenance hair is good.
Then I rang Grandad because he likes to talk to me and I made him laugh and I told him all about boys marrying boys which in his day, didn't happen outside of Amateur Dramatics because even saying you wanted to was enough to get you electro-shock treatment or prison, with all the other chaps who felt the same way.
He also made me draw a triangle and by the time he'd asked me to find the right angle, I'd already ringed it which made him laugh again.
Familial duty done, I was free to install a Nether Portal and move my Spawning Point and do all those other vital things that adults don't understand because they're too busy arguing about the offside rule or whether the first racing driver to be in Pole Position was, in fact, Polish.

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