Sunday, 11 October 2015

Alas, Poor Kilroy, I Knew him Backwards

I was fast asleep when one of our Cub Scouts fell ill at 0430 and had to go home after filling up her 10th bucket with vomit.
The first night I'd slept for about 15 minutes which is why I needed 8 1/2 hours this time. Yesterday I crossed a river by bum-shuffling over a log bridge, but someone made the bridge wobble when the Girl With The Big Eyes was going over and she plummeted amusingly and got wet from the waist down and had to borrow James' spare clothes which was nice but she's quite a lot smaller than James so was baggy.
shakespeare's hamlet ode to a carved pumpkinThen at FireCamp it was very dark apart from where the campfire was burning and she was trying to sit on her log but sat in the fire bucket instead (bucket of emergency water a sensible distance from the fire) and so got a wet bottie again. Some mothers do 'ave 'em. We cooked our meal over the fire so I'll get a badge for that and we collected dead leaves etc on our hike and made a 3-D artwork and we'll get a badge for that too.
The Dear Leaders smoked us some bacon (are you sure you're doing it right?) and that was nice, the chilli beef was a bit strong for me but the smoked bacon was far out, man.
In the end Jof came to pick me up and Bud did his run (slowly, after 9 1/2 pints of vitamin Beer at the festival yesterday) and I got into the bath and wallowed in my own mud for ages. I cut my hand off on a sticky-out bit of metal on one of the cooking grills but the dear leaders re-attached it using the personal medi-kit dropped by one of those nice Predator dudes. I also got 10 bramble-slashes on our hike but I'll probably live.
I also carved a pumpkin and did the old alas poor Yorick sketch. It's good to be home. I was very tired.

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