Friday, 16 October 2015

A Very Unfortunate Lemon

football into wormhole portalIn Netball today I played in 4 separate positions and blocked 3 goals by reaching out and punching the ball as an interception, rather than actually blocking the goal for I am far too short for that.
I like Fridays because I get loads of free (Minecraft) time before swimming. But as of last month, I'm in Purple Hat Group which means the guy gets to lash us and whip us and the warm-up is 8 lengths, and it's well into the twenties by the end of the 30 minutes.
So we went into town early to buy me some books. I've been reading the Harry Potter series which is all very well, but I've read them all twice now so reluctantly agreed to try something new.
waterstones commercial road portsmouth
In Giant Waterstones we found the Lemony Snicket Events and got the next 3, and a display stand had a new David Walliams book so we got that and Bud saw a new Terry Pratchett so that came to £38 including 5p for the bag. We still don't remember to take a bag.
Outside, the fountain was frothing with washing-up liquid again. All the coins in the fountain (I cleared it out once) must be very clean, is that called money laundering?
After swimming I was headhunted again by the Pool Manager who has put me into the "Talent Lane" which means an extra hour in the pool on Thursday, which is currently my only day off. When better.

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