Saturday, 17 October 2015

Solutions: Always in Triangles

It was Saturday but that did not mean a day off. First, Jof left us to go swimming or gymming.
Then, Grandad turned up and taught me how to make a right-angled triangle in a circle by drawing the diameter AB and linking both of those points to Point C which was anywhere you liked on the circumference. I of course tried to break the system by placing C only 5 degrees of arc away from B but that just proved the proof.
stabbing incident portsea hosing pavement clean of bloodThen Team M drove to the theatre for my acting lesson. Grandad had a look upstairs at the proscenium arch and as I went up for my lesson, the wet area directly outside the door was where the staff chap had hosed the pavement down after a stabbing incident 20 minutes before we'd arrived. He was right, there was a trail of blood spots leading away towards the bus station.
boy on staircase to make himself tallerA few years ago, we'd taken a train up to Petersfield and found much the same thing, a pool of blood surrounded by Policepersons at a bus stop and such a long trail of blood drips going in and out of various doorways along the High Street, we called him the Bleedin' Postman.
Anyway, I acted my little heart out while Bud and Grandad did the tour of the old city and bought me some new shoes and they picked me up with an added Jof and we all had lunch in the dockyard.
My macaroni cheese filled me right up and then we lost the 2 of them in the maze of museums and Jof had to ring Bud to meet up again.
Once Grandad had gone, I had a brief respite but then Jof went out for Champagne with the PuddleMummies at the Castle and the Scouts swimmathon began. I was aiming for Badge #3 and it was quite hard because of all the lengths and the 5 minutes treading water with one arm behind your back and the 3 lengths wearing someone else's shirt and trousers but James T and I both achieved the badge!
eastney swimming pool private hireWe all had nearly an hour of messing around in the pool which was predominantly diving until we discovered the secret hidden cache of flotation devices and all of a sudden we were all Captains of our own floaty-boats attacking each other with the floaty sausages and Bud pulled me out of the pool because I can't lift myself too well and I might be a little heavier than last year so he scraped my tits on the tiles on the side and it hurt.
For Saturday Night is Film Night we had Starship Troopers which was full of talk but also of giant burning bug plasma death and Kuato and Richter from Total Recall and nuclear weapons and the Kurgan from Highlander and lots of macho posturing and mixed shower scenes.

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