Sunday, 4 October 2015

You can never defeat me

sainsburys farlington car park B+M homewares
lego disney buildable figures star wars I had a hallucinatory dream in which Bud was telling me something so I woke up and went looking for him. He wasn't in bed so I shouted down the stairs only to get told off for shouting down the stairs, just because Jof was asleep and he was making breakfast. I mean, he started it, most unfair.
We all went shopping and the whole car park was bizarrely full. I mean, right unto the spaces by the bottle bank, even around the staff only car park and yea, verily unto even the breast cancer screening bus round the back.
This turned out to be because old 'Homebase' which died and was buried along with its name a few weeks ago has been occupied by a new store called B+M Homewares which seems to be a pile'em high shop with stuff like bags of 48 crisp packets. Jof went in and walked back out again as it was rammed.
But to stop me going on Minecraft the whole time, she bribed sorry bought me a Starship Clone Trooper Cody KillBot with opposable legs and everything. I built it, gave it an extra long gun, did the old "You can never defeat me, Raarg" thing and went back to Minecraft. It is the way of things. Then Jof got stung by a wasp right in the bedroom.

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