Monday, 5 October 2015

Seven Minutes Late

no babies to be placed in dustbin failWell, school would have been lovely if it wasn't for the rain, which made it look like 8pm all day.
I knew there'd be tasks when we got home and my first was to eat 5/8 of a deep pan pepperoni pizza, which is a task I can do business with. Also I had to transfer my homework from the rough sheet into my homework book. This one was the "Think of as many things to do with the number 36 as you can".
Instead of simply looking it up on Wikipedia (where I would have discovered many advanced mathematical references for 36) we tried to think of as many stupid things as possible, maybe as many as 35 so the 36th could be self-referencing. But we only got 15, mainly because I was born at 38 weeks and our closest ordnance is the 37mm Pom Pom round. Life is so unfair. I did discover that I'm 36 years younger than Bud and that you can score 36 in one over if you hit the ball hard enough.
Then we hastened to the theatre where it was absolutely packed. I haven't seen it that busy since I attended the beer festival there about 5 years ago. The auditions for 'Jack and the Beanstalk' had obviously been advertised and there were about 38 hopefuls.
milton 5th portsmouth scouts group prizewinnerWe thumped up and down the stage and audience area for about 2 hours and I had to do the dance moves and forgot some of it and kinda ad libbed a bit with some repeated moves so I don't think I'll get a part. Never mind, I took the opportunity and had a go.
Then we drove back across town in the pouring rain and went directly to Scouts. Because of the time the audition was scheduled to finish and the time that Scouts was scheduled to start, he said we'd be about 7 minutes late but he'd miscalculated by an hour (a mistake any dribbling cretin could make) and we actually arrived 7 minutes before the end, but who's counting.
Last week we did the £3 challenge which is get as much stuff for Harvest Festival as you can for only £3. I did it all myself and got 13 chunky items (mostly huge cheapo tins of potatoes or carrots) and I won the prize for thrift because I made the money go the furthest! I got 3 slabs of chocolate.

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