Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Closing the Window on September

art class erect penis paintingFollowing a repetitive play injury on my shoulder, I elected to stay indoors during second play today and offered to sharpen all the pencils. I don't mind doing this sort of thing but it turns out that this task is the #2 punishment (ie you bad person, stay inside during playtime and sharpen pencils), leaving the teachers with no choice but to tell parents on bad pupils and hope the parents punish the pupils, caning by proxy. autoglass windscreen repair serviceAlso, it had been House Captain Election Day so I got to tally up all the votes for Warrior House. The boys were all quite close but the girls had a clear front runner and one poor girl only got 2 votes, one of them mine. She asked me how she'd got on and I told her she was close. In music I pretended to play the trumpet but was really just tooting with my mouth so they gave me a drum and cymbal instead. skatepark milton park portsmouthThe man from the Auto repair place came and fixed the window on Jof's car. It looks funny when it's lying on his workbench, so we left him to it and hit the park for well over 2 hours. It was sunny so we ate Jaffa cakes and Pringles, scooted around, played football and Sticky Slide Tennis Ball Tag, Swing Kickball and Hanging Basket Ball Attack and then branched out into the skatepark. sophie ann weller milton park portsmouthThe skatepark has recently had some new slides, ramps and jumps fitted and we didn't try them because they were covered in youths with straggly beards doing complicated jumping. The air was full of the fug of the cigarettes with no name but we didn't inhale, restricting ourselves to the simple ramps where Ben could go up and down quite well and Johnny ran up and down them with his long legs and I did the junior slopes. We finished with round-the-circuit scooter races. I went against Ben and he totally cheated by taking the inside track on the bends, cutting me up and not letting me overtake. This was very unfair, you wouldn't see this kind of play in the Formula 1 or anything like that.
But deep down it was really time to go and all 3 of us are quite tired.

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